The Science Behind the Shine

The Science Behind the Shine

The Wax Shop professional compounds are formulated for today’s clear coat automotive finishes. Except we are taking today’s professional restoration to the next level of performance. The Wax Shop 1000, 2000, and 3000 restoration compounds are made with Aluminium Oxide Platelets. These unique platelets self-align under pressure and lay flat as to avoid pinpoint cutting that can create holograms and fogging on clear coat automotive finishes. Precision platelet blends are used to carefully control removal of scratches, swirls, blemishes and produce flawless cut and clarity to hard and soft automotive finishes. In many cases the Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 is equivalent to other professional one step products!  Add the additional Wax Shop 2000 and 3000 steps, also containing platelets, for unparalleled finish restoration.

Platelet restoration ingredient blends are only one aspect which make the Wax Shop products unmatched in the market. The unique base liquid is designed and formulated to never dry out with rotary or DA machines. Even extreme machine speed, pressure and friction on the paint’s surface will not dry out the polymer, enriched conditioners and oil lubricants that carry the aluminium oxide platelets. It is virtually impossible to burn a finish. Your foam pad will disintegrate before the polish will!  Even with extreme heat generated on the finish and pad interface no holograms are generated. This provides the professional detailer the latitude to adjust buffing time, machine pressure and restoration level requirements while guaranteeing the same great results. The Wax Shop product line is perfect for the most discriminating seasoned professional detailer and for trainees as well. The self-adjusting, self-aligning platelets and proprietary base formulation is like automatic pilot steering and provide the best end results.


The Wax Shop system was tested in conjunction with wet/dry sandpaper to determine the limits of each polish:

Step 1 1000 Overhaul: Removes scratch marks up to 800 grits deep

Step 2 2000 Rebuild: Removes up to 1500 grit sand marks and is the perfect One Step Polish

Step 3 3000 Tune Up: Removes 2000 grit wet sand marks and is the perfect gloss builder after compounding


Use the Wax Shop products in conjunction with clay bars, wet sanding and other finish cleaning products with confidence. Self-aligning platelets and virtually infinite work time make the Wax Shop performance unmatched by other professional product systems.

Written By: Michael Schultz

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